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The Future of Advice is Subscription Based Financial Planning

Difference Maker

Subscription Based Financial Planning is the Future of Advice.

Richard Mark Allison, CASL®, CFP®, CMFC®, RFC®
You do not have to transfer any accounts to our firm. You do not have to buy any products. You do not have to pay an assets-under-management fee. We are a Registered Investment Adviser and a Fiduciary who works in your best interests. We have removed the stumbling blocks in obtaining financial planning advice.
Do not continue the old ways of obtaining financial advice that only benefits your financial advisor's firm first, your financial advisor second and you last. It is time to make a change to a new way of thinking that benefits you first: Subscription Based Financial Planning.
Wally Street

Wally Street

A fictional character based on the book, Meet Wally Street The Reason You're Stupid. 2nd Edition. Wally Street wants all of your accounts so he can sell you products or charge you AUM fees. Once he gets your accounts, then your Free Financial Plan becomes an afterthought! Think about it. Once he gets your accounts, why should he work so hard on your financial plan? He is getting paid from your accounts, not your Free Financial Plan!

Meet Wally Street
Expert In Making Money From You

Eddie Agent

Watch out for this guy! Indexed Universal Life is the answer to everything. He makes a lot of commission from IUL. All he does is sell products like IUL's that pays him up to 100% in commissions. His tried and true favorite is annuities that pays him 6% in commissions or more! Beware of the tax consequences of liquidating your accounts! Eddie is a little vague when it comes to explaining tax consequences. He doesn't want to spoil his sales.

Eddie Agent
Insurance & Annuity Salesman

Billy Banks

Billy Banks says, "Move all of your accounts to our bank. I know you need a 30 year mortgage. How about a Home Equity Loan? Or a credit card? What else can I sell you, so I can hit my quota?" Look out! He will chase you out to the parking lot trying to sell you something. Oh by the way, he wants you to move all of your investment and retirement accounts to him, so he can sell you investments that make him commissions.

Billy Banks
Bank Salesperson

Subscription Based Financial Planning

Subscription Based Financial Planning geared towards younger or single clients.

Bronze or Silver Plan
We can provide 24/7 Subscription Based Financial Planning with access to a experienced CFP® without having to move or open any accounts, buy any products, or pay any AUM fees. This plan is for single clients or one income families.
This Bronze Plan is billed at $50 per month and the Silver Plan is billed at $100 per month with a one-year committment. Account aggregation via Right Capital® is required in order to deliver these services. Robo-Advisor is optional with no added fee by our firm.

Our most popular Subscription Based Financial Planning offer.

Gold Plan
There is no requirement to open any accounts, transfer any account to our firm, buy any products, or pay any AUM fees. We can help you with everything right where you have your accounts today. No need to move or open anything. This plan is for two income families or higher net worth clients.
24/7 Subscription Based Financial Planning plus Investment Advice included for $150 per month with a one-year committment. Account aggregation via Right Capital® is required in order to deliver these services. No Robo-Advisor option with the Gold Plan.

For those clients who want to get away from their current financial advisor.

Platinum Plan Tier's 1 & 2
This plan has a requirement of opening or transferring accounts to our firm. If you do not want to open or transfer accounts, then we recommend that you choose either the Silver or Gold Plan. The Platinum Plans are for clients who desire Professional Money Management plus Financial Planning.
There is a $1,500 minimum or 0.75% AUM fee whichever is higher with the Tier 1 Platinum Plan. The Tier 2 Platinum Plan is priced at 0.75% for the first $500,000 and then 0.50% for amounts over $500,000. Includes 24/7 Financial Planning plus Professional Money Management with a one-year committment. Accounts managed by Morningstar Investment Services, LLC. (Click Robo-Advisor icon. Morningstar fees extra.) Account aggregation via Right Capital® is required in order to deliver these services.

Retirement Planning Services is an Employer paid fringe benefit.

Tax-Deductible Fringe Benefit
This is where we offer our Subscription Based Financial Planning services as an eligible IRS Publication 15-b Fringe Benefit called Retirement Planning Services. This is an ordinary business deduction expense to the Employer. There are no W-2 or Form 5500 reporting requirements! Must have a 401(k) or other qualified plan in order to be eligible for this fringe benefit.
Your employees will not be sold anything which is guaranteed in writing! Conflict free advice, plus a great recruitment and employee retention tool. Retirement Planning Services is offered for a significant discount, only $600 annually per employee, with a one-year committment. There is a $3,000 minimum that includes the first 5 employees. Account aggregation via Right Capital® is required in order to deliver these services.

Morningstar Investment Services is our Robo-Advisor of choice for Professional Money Management.

Morningstar Investment Services, LLC
Morningstar® is one of the most recognized names in investment research. They offer approximately forty (40) Managed Portfolios of Stocks, ETF's and Mutual Funds. They utilize several of the top qualified custodians such as Fidelity, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., BNY/Pershing and TD Ameritrade. Full disclosure information such as their fees, Form ADV 2A, 2B, Appendices and Privacy Policy are available by clicking here.
By using Morningstar, we can most likely work with your existing custodian of accounts like Fidelity, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., BNY/Pershing and TD Ameritrade. You may not have to move your accounts anywhere and they can be managed right where they are today.

Be Honest With Yourself

The truth is that we live in an information overload society. Every month, you receive statements in the mail, or have to log into a multitude of web sites at different times of the month. How can anybody keep up with their assets and liabilities with this fiasco of an information overload process?

It is impossible without considerable sacrifices of your time.

What if you could log into one secure web site (Right Capital®) and see everything you own and owe in one place without disclosing any of your account numbers or making copies of anything? Would that appeal to you?

Why Choose Us?

We’re Tech Saavy

We utilize the latest software tools for Financial Planners like Wealthbox® CRM, Morningstar Office®, Right Capital®, and Schwab Portfolio Connect. We also utilize Adobe Creative Cloud® in a multitude of ways, Zoho® for secure email and spam control, NordVPN for secure laptop use and Zoom® for screen share meetings.

We’re Adaptable

We can adapt to your schedule. We offer Zoom® Meetings where we can do a screen share meeting in order to save us both time. No wasted travel time necessary. Of course, we offer appointments at our offices for your convenience, too.

We Value Relationships

We have a great ability to discern what is important in life. We are only interested in working with people who value a professional relationship with their Financial Planner and care about something or someone other than themselves.

We love simpicity

We believe in keeping things simple and understandable. This is why we use Right Capital® for our Financial Planning software. You can log into one secure web site and see everything that you own and owe.

We’re focused

Our focus is on making your life better and helping you achieve those things that are most important to you.

We Partner with You

We are partners in this joint venture and it is important that everyone participate in the process, so no one is ever left in the dark. Communication is the key.

Advantage No. One

No opening or transferring accounts necessary.

The Bronze, Silver or Gold Plan

Advantage No. Two

Subscription Based Financial Planning

Via Right Capital®.

Advantage No. Three

No assets-under-management fees required. Our fee does not go up when you add to your accounts.

The Bronze, Silver or Gold Plan

Advantage No. Four

We are a Fiduciary who works in your best interest.

Registered Investment Adviser


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